Meet the mutiny crew

Talderoy Editor Producer Mutiiny Magazine web


Leader of Studio City Tattoo  & founder of Order of Leviathan,  He be a man with even song dedicated to his might. Here be to you Tal, Captain of Issue #1 of Mutiny Magazine.  Talderoy is Bosun of Mutiny Magazine & his shop Studio City Tattoo is main sponsor, while backing the Publication for many issues.

Lycan Mutiny Magazine crew


Editor-in-chief at Mutiny Magazine and ruler over Lycan Productions™  ,
known for the magazine's back cover pin-ups. Captain of Issue #2 & #16 of Mutiny Magazine. Lycan is also head the Art
Department of Mutiny Magazine, for both design and video editing. Photo by: Grace Artistic Anarchy

Bullet Valmont
Bullet Valmont

Bullet Valmont

Associate Editor at Mutiny Magazine and master over at Mare Noctem & his crew over  at Pirate Envy. Bullet's also an actor, and has been see in Films/TV such as The Mask, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & X-Files. His work in the mag includes "Wench Whisperer" & "The Newgate Gentlemen's Club",  to name a few. He be Captain of Issue #3 of Mutiny Magazine. Photo by: Graces Artistic Anarchy

Steele Mutiny Magazine crew


Aka Grace Morgan. She be Editor at Large / Roving Photographer at Mutiny Magazine. Captain Steele be a lass of  many trades, writer, artist, crafts woman and most important, master Entrepreneur. Find some of her talented modeling and photography work on Facebook..Steele has Captained Mutiny and kept it alive for the past four years, by collecting articles and photos to fill her pages, as well as shooting events and collaborating  on covers. Steele be captain of issue #10.

Photo by: Lycan Productions