Matthew Hunt ( Lycan )

Lycan ( far left )

Lycan - Art Director

Lycan Productions

My name is Matthew Hunt, I am an artist, and my independent production company is called Lycan Productions™. It's a Multimedia Productions Company. Utilizing Photography, Graphic Design, Editing, Magic, and whatever the job calls for. I am partnered up with other artists and their independent and non-profits companies like online magazines and event productions.

As an artist, I do handle all my work on a legal basis and take the time to protect my work and the work I do with others. Copyright © Lycan Productions™ All Rights Reserved, Trademark TM Working time is around the clock, whenever a job calls for it. To get rates, please just send a detailed message, or go to the website an contact us there.

Specializing in unique portraits and custom graphic designs, Lycan Productions revels in the realm of anything outside the norm. The production side of this company does not stop at fantasy only, but is and has been involved with a large range of different style works, and work for and with partnered companies.