Mutiny Magazine Issue 2 Clay 600 x 400

Who produces Mutiny Magazine?
We are a group of malcontented pirates banded together to do something different. Specifically; to mutiny against mediocre and cliche-ridden portrayals of piracy. When we get complacent we mutiny against ourselves, thus the different captain for each issue.

Why is it 18 plus only?
We felt there was quite enough kid-oriented pirate content out there already and adults needed something that wasn't limited to a G rating, hence this is not your kids pirate magazine. Rather than casting a wide net trying to appeal to everyone -by watering down the content to make it inoffensive to anyone- we decided to focus on that untapped adult readership. After all; you're a child for just a few fleeting years and then you're an adult for the entire rest of your life...

Who funds the magazine? Why and how is it free?

Studio City Tattoo is our benefactor but we are sustained by our advertisers and by the readers who patronize our advertisers. The best way to keep Mutiny free is by spreading the word about us via social networks/word of mouth/etc. The more readers we get the more advertising we'll sell, thus insuring we can continue as a free publication.

Where is Mutiny Magazine located?
Mutiny Magazine hails from a small island in a subterranean sea accessible only via a secret passage thru the dank and cavernous dungeon beneath Studio City Tattoo at 11032 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA. 91603.

How often does Mutiny Magazine come out?
Quarterly, as in four times a year.