Mutiny Crew

Cut of the Jib – Mutiny Magazine Crew Join Children’s Tumor Foundation

“Pirates at NF Walk” Childrens’ Tumor Foundation Article by Marie Bargas – c2012 Mutiny Magazine While Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was prepping for the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, a crew of swashbuckling buccaneers from Studio City Tattoo Inc. were nearby battling Star Wars Troopers for a very worthy cause to fight …

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Sea of Darkness

Sea of Darkness is the tall-ship pirating cruise presented by Revenge From The Sea. “The Mare Noctem: that unknown ‘Orizon at the World’s far Edge, where Ships have ventured yet None returned. Anon, go we, into that unholy Realm of Serpents and Devils, vast and unfathomed, a Sea of Darkness, the open Mouth of Hell …

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Meet the Mutiny Crew

Talderoy The guiding force at Studio City Tattoo  & founder of Order of Leviathan,  He is a man with a song dedicated to his might. Here be to you Tal, Captain of Issue #1 of Mutiny Magazine.  Talderoy is Bosun of Mutiny Magazine & his shop Studio City Tattoo is the main sponsor while backing the …

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Matthew Hunt ( Lycan )

Lycan – Art Director Lycan Productions My name is Matthew Hunt, I am an artist, and my independent production company is called Lycan Productions™. It’s a Multimedia Productions Company. Utilizing Photography, Graphic Design, Editing, Magic, and whatever the job calls for. I am partnered up with other artists and their independent and non-profits companies like …

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Kendra Guffey

Kendra Guffey – Pirate Master Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Guffey grew up fishing and hunting and considers herself to be a skilled outdoorswoman. Travelling is her passion and she has been all over the world, returning from a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal at 17,665 feet in October 2006. Guffey was …

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