Mutiny Magazine Issue No. 3


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Pirate Louie Lambe Mutiny Magazine

Mutiny Magazine Third Issue

This issue's Captain Talderoy  ????

Publisher: Studio City Tattoo
Editor-in-chief/ Art Director/Layout Designer - Lycan ( Matthew Hunt )
Bosun/Producer - Talderoy (Clay Clement)
Associate Editor - Bullet Valmont
Cover Photo - Michele Clement

Mark Summers
Joh Baur
Katherine Larsen
Jeff MacKay
Quartermaster Griff
Steven DeLacy
Alex B. ( Armand )
Jules Evermore

Story Highlights

Mainsail " Buccaneers Ball"

Lake Arrowheads Buccaneers Ball & Pirate of the Year

Featured Pirate Tattooer ( Jose Menendez )
By Capt. Davey Egbert Jonzen


From the Mutiny Crew

Mermaids in the Wild - Swimming with Mermaid Kat
by Rebecca Mackay

Meet the Order

by Jeff Mackay




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Read up on our interview with our Featured Pirate Tattooer Jose Menendez

Story by Capt. Davey Egbert Jonzen